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Take Control of Genius Paparazzi in Cave's Instant Brain

First adventure game from the shooting masters and Makoto Asada.

Asada unveils Instant Brain at Cave's press conference and demo event in Akihabara on Saturday.

Back in August, Cave development head Makoto Asada said that he was working on an adventure game. He said the game was being done in the motif of detective adventure games that were released in the 80s and would feature a 40-year-old male lead (possibly changing to a female lead).

The identity of that game came to light Saturday at Cave's Akihabara press conference and demo event. Following announcements of more traditional Cave fare like Nin-2 Jump for Xbox Live Arcade and Akai Katana Shin for package Xbox 360 release, Asada provided a first glimpse at Instant Brain, which will be Cave's first adventure title.

Instant Brain is set in the nation of "Empire," a fictional future nation that has the same location names as modern day Japan. Players take control of main character Zenya Barataki (voice actor TBA), a cameraman in the entertainment industry. He's known as a legendary paparazzi, who can take photos that no other person can take. (Zenya does not actually appear to be 40 years old.)

There's a reason why Zenya is so good at getting scoops with his camera. Six years back, he lost his memory, and when he came to he found himself in the possession of a special camera called "Exposure." This camera has the special ability to take pictures of peoples' memories. He's uses this camera to take the scoop photos.

Throughout the course of the game, as Zenya investigates a dark rumor surrounding a top idol, he'll find himself caught up in a major plot surrounding a past incident in the entertainment industry.

Cave has introduced a number of additional characters outside of Zenya:

Android C
Voiced by Mamiko Noto. The latest maid android, codenamed H5667C. Maid androids have yet to spread very far, presumably because they cost as much as a luxury apartment.
Kuroe Jakou
Voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro. A producer at the nation's biggest television station, Channel Infinity. Her grandfather is chairman of Channel Infinity. While it seems like she became producer due to her connections, she's actually the youngest producer in the industry, and she rose up based off her own abilities. She'll do anything to draw in ratings, so much that she's known by the separate name of "Ratings Girl."
Voiced by Rie Kugimiya. A high school student and genius hacker. She runs an information business that uses her hacking skills. More publicly, she serves as manager at her grandfather's shop.
Mikuri Kinshoku
Voiced by Marina Inoue. A new detective in the main division of the Imperial police force. She's very serious about her work and is inflexible. She's roommates with her friend Fuka.
Fuka Oujou
Voiced by Chiaki Takahashi. An investigator in the science division of the Imperial police. She's also a male idol otaku.

The game's cast of voice actors will also include the likes of Kana Hanazawa, Kenyu Horiuchi, and Solid Snake voice actor Akio Otsuka. The roles for these talents have yet to be announced.

On the staff front, Asada is listed as being head of production. The game features character designs from Kamiri Iruma, music form Ryu Umemoto (Akai Katana, Espgaluda), and a theme song from Rey.

Gameplay details for Instant Brain have yet to be shared. However, as the game is an adventure game, expect plenty of dialogue sequences.

You can see a first trailer for Instant Brain here. The song feature's Ride Out! by Rey.

Cave officially lists Instant Brain as being platform TBA, but we were told at the Akihabara event that it's in development for Xbox 360. Xbox 360 would be a likely target platform for the game, but until the platform is officially announced, our database will mark it as TBA as well.

Instant Brain is due for release in 2011. You'll find an official website here. The site shows some of the game's sub characters, but does not give names.

Character stands shown at Cave's Akihabara demo event and press conference.

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