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Cave Shares Latest iPhone Plans

Deathsmiles, updated Bug Panic and more on the way.

Cave COO Mikio Watanabe speaking at Cave's Akihabara press conference and demo event on Saturday.

Makoto Asada's newest titles (Akai Katana Shin, Nin Nin Jump and Instant Brain) were the big attractions at Cave's Akihabara "Important Announcement From Cave" event on Saturday. But the company also outlined its latest mobile plans, including two new shooter developments for iPhone.

First up is the company's latest arcade to iPhone shooting port. Following up on the successful ports of Espgaluda and DoDonPachi the company will next release Deathsmiles. Different from the previous two, Deathsmiles is a horizontal scrolling shooter.

You can see a trailer for the game here:

Cave refers to the iPhone/iPod touch version of Deathsmiles as a port of the Xbox 360 version rather than of the arcade version. A release is set for Spring 2011.

Another recent Cave iPhone game, Mushihimesama Bug Panic, is getting a big update. This will offer three changes:

  • Bug Battle mode that's compatible with 3G/Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The former will allow you to play with other players throughout the world using Apple's Game Center.
  • Additional settings, including the ability to toggle Auto Bomb on and off and switch attack mode between Lock and Direct.
  • Updated free Lite version with addition of Bug Battle, the ability to play through the first world of Adventure Mode, and score attack for world 1.
Cave Mobile Contents Manager Masaki Yukihiro details Death Smiles and Bug Panic.

Cave also announced a slightly different form of iPhone app, Houkago no Kamishibai-bu, or After School Kamishibai Club. Kamishibai is a form of Japanese story telling that uses picture scrolls. The app will have famous voice actors acting out the kamishibai, including reading and sound effects. There will also be some interactive elements.

You can see a teaser trailer for Kamishibai-bu below. The trailer shows voice actress Yuko Goto playing the character of Kotori and reading out a kamishibaibi called "Match Uri no Shojo," or "The Girl Who Sells Matches."


Houkago no Kamishibai-bu will see episodic release on iPhone and Android starting this Spring.

Cave's Hiroshi Tsuboi (left) and Makoto Yasuo (right) detail Kamishibai-bu.

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