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The Most Powerful Forces in Xbox 360 Gaming

Famitsu Xbox 360 EIC gets a commemorative pic in with Cave's Makoto Asada.


This may very will be the most powerful force in Japanese Xbox 360 gaming right now:

To the right is Cave's Makoto Asada. To the left is Famitsu Xbox 360 editor in chief Munetatsu Matsui, who shared the pic Saturday at his Twitter.

Matsui took the pic at Saturday's "Important News From Cave 2011" event. You can read all our coverage here.

He and Asada are standing next to character stands from Asada's new adventure game Instant Brain which is probably (although not officially) coming to Xbox 360.

All that's missing is Chiyomaru Shikura, who's company 5pb. just announced some new Xbox 360 adventure games.

I suppose Tomonobu Itagaki could also be considered a powerful Xbox 360 force, but he's just a bit too multiplatform.

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