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BlazBlue Welcomes 3DS Owners to the World of Smutty Pre-Order Bonuses

They're not just for PSP and Xbox 360 owners anymore!


PSP and Xbox 360 owners are used to smutty retail bonuses filled with evocative images. Nintendo gamers... probably not so much.

That's going to chance soon though, thanks to Arc System Works. Here are some of the retailer-separate bonus items Arc has planned for the 3DS and PSP versions of BlazBlue Continuum Shift II.

If you want to know where to get what, visit the official site.

Arc didn't actually say what the bonus items are. The images shown above are just the artwork that will appear on the items. Retail separate bonus items are usually telephone cards, clear files and the like, and that probably won't change here.

Arc did issue one warning in its press release: if a retailer gives you a bonus item other than these, it's probably an illegal copy!

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