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What's Behind Vincent's Head in the Naughty Catherine Stand?

Plus, guess what adult horror puzzle game was once even harder?


Do you remember this naughty Catherine retail stand?

If you're like me, you wondered what exactly is behind Vincent's head?

Today, I finally managed to make it out to Tsutaya, and found out!

Tsutaya has a tiny version of that Catherine stand on its general Catherine display:


And up...

Catherine's sweet spot should be familiar territory to many, many people by now.

Bonus: Yodobashi Camera Akiba's far more impressive Catherine display:

Bonus 2: Say, were you aware that Catherine, hard as it is, was originally supposed to be harder? According to planner Meijin Gotou at the official blog, the current normal mode was originally easy. Coming off development on Hospital, Gotou complained until they reduced the difficulty considerably.

Gotou himself eventually got real good at the game. Here's a video of his play through of the game's first "Babel" time attack mode stage.

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