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Some Early Flying Get Comments from Tetsuya Nomura

No more Dissidia in its current form, says the Square Enix master.

Enjoy Duodecim. The next Dissidia could be very different.

Info from this week's Dengeki PlayStation has leaked out via the usual sources for early magazine leaks. The magazine apparently has a very revealing interview with Tetsuya Nomura, mostly surrounding Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, but also touching on a few other areas.

I haven't verified any of this (I probably won't get Dengeki until later tonight or possibly tomorrow), but here are some bullet points:

Nomura apparently tells the magazine that there's no next for Dissidia -- that is, Dissidia in its current form ends with Duodecim. He adds that there could be a completely different form of Dissidia, though. Regarding this area, he says that he feels they've done all they can with the combat base, but the game could appear in a new form. "I'd like to have the staff make a different genre."

There won't be a "Universal Tuning" type international re-release for Duodecim. The reason is that the overseas version is seeing near simultaneous release with the Japanese version this time.

Regarding a possible Kingom Hearts Birth by Sleep download release, Nomura says that this is difficult for a reason he can't say. The problem is separate from Square Enix, Disney or Utada Hikaru (who sings the theme songs). "I want to do something, but it will take time."

On Sony's new NGP system, producer Yoshinori Kitase was apparently in attendance at Sony's unveiling press conference. Kitase shared his opinions and ideas with Sony during the hardware's development (a recent Famitsu interview with Sony Computer Entertainment's president revealed that Sony did actively go around getting input from developers when developing the NGP). However, Nomura said that he could not yet talk about his (or possibly Square Enix's) plans for NGP titles.

Nomura also reveals that the voice actor for Gilgamesh is Kazuya Nakai.

The above is based off a brief summary of the interview that's floating about, so there may be some discrepancies from the source material. I'll verify once I have the magazine for myself!

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