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Famitsu has a first look this week at Gungnir, a new tactical simulation RPG from Sting and the staff that brought us Yggdra Union.

Gungnir is set in an empire where a war is being waged between rulers and the ruled. The story follows the exploits of a main character who's taken possession of the Gungnir, a lance that's said to house the god of war.

That main character is named Julio Ragwell. Since his youth, Julio has been part of the resistance group called the Esperanza and has taken part in many battles. He's grown skilled enough that he can command his own unit.

Also introduced in Famitsu are characters named Alissa, Elise and Ragnus Ragwell. Alissa is a girl who was apparently saved by Julio and his group when she was about to be sold. She's full of mystery. No details on the other characters yet.

Gameplay promises to retain orthodox strategy systems while adding new systems. One key system is the "Tactics Gauge," which you use to perform a variety of actions. The game also has a display called "Act Sequence," which indicates movement order.

Incidentally, the game actually has a much longer name than Gungnir. I'm not sure how to translate the other parts, though -- maybe "War God of the Magic Lance and the Heroic War."

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