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Here's a bit of what Famitsu said in its various 3DS reviews:

Professor Layton
The puzzle solving doesn't use 3D too much, but investigating a screen with depth feels good. The game is enjoyable in 2D as well.
Super Monkey Ball 3D
The gyro-based controls don't fit with 3D. Playing with the gyro controls is fun, but when the 3D is turned on for this, it's a bit difficult to play.
Ridge Racer 3D
There are few modes. Beginners can easily drift, but the rival car difficulty is high. Good points include the BGM and the inclusion of many old courses.
Winning Eleven 3D Soccer
The game is lacking in terms of modes, but the standard modes are there. The feeling of distance and closeness is increased because of the 3D depth. The text is a bit hard to see.
Nintendogs cats
The fur is realistic and the wireless elements are good. The game can be enjoyed by anyone.
Samurai Warriors Chronicle
There's a lot of volume, and the missions are enjoyable. The 3D makes it easy to grasp enemy position. The game's real time simulation elements are enjoyable.
Super Street Fighter IV 3D
Graphics are good. The 3D versus option is a show for the system's 3D, but it can be a bit hard to see. The touch controls are convenient.

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