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PSN Game Archives Tops 600 Titles

Retro download service gets five additional titles today.

Game Archives includes a wide range of PlayStation and PC Engine titles.

Sony issued notice today of somewhat of a feat for the domestic Game Archives service. The retro download service has, as of today, topped the 600 title mark in domestic releases.

Game Archives offers classic PlayStation and PC Engine titles for download at between ¥300 and ¥1500. The PC Engine side of the service is often referred as PC Engine Archives. Sony's 600 figure includes both platforms.

The 600 figure comes four months and three months after the November 22 start of downloads.

The games that pushed the service over the mark were today's releases of OverBlood, Kitchen Panic, Killer Bass, First Love Valentine Special and Oedo Fusui Ingaritsu Hanabi 2.

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