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Final Fantasy III iPhone is Remake of DS Version

First details on what's new for the latest iPhone Final Fantasy.


The big question when Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy III was being remade for iPhone was sprites or polygons. Famitsu provides the answer this week: polygons. Final Fantasy III's iPhone version is a remake of the 2006 DS title, the magazine reveals.

It looks like Square Enix is remaking quite a bit, though. The game's visuals are being redone in high resolution for the iPhone version. The sound is also seeing an update. One of Famitsu's editors who was given an early play chance says that the sound is incredibly high quality.

The iPhone version's control system includes a virtual d-pad which appears wherever you choose to touch the screen. During battle, you can directly select commands then tap the enemy you'd like to attack.

Also being updated for the iPhone version is the monster viewer gallery. This has become easier to use, and the monster cards have been redesigned.

Famitsu lists the same general March release time frame for Final Fantasy III that Square Enix listed in its announcement yesterday. With Famitsu getting a first reveal, we can probably expect official online screenshots to surface later this week.

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