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Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection's Interlude Chapter Detailed

First details on what happens between the original and the sequel.

High resolution PSP visuals await FFIV fans.

What comes after Final Fantasy IV but before Final Fantasy IV The After Years? This week's Famitsu reveals the answer to be "Final Fantasy IV Interlude."

Interlude is the name of the new scenario Square Enix has been promising for the PSP compilation of FFIV and its sequel The After Years. The newly written episode bridges the gap between the two volumes. Players are put in control of main character Cecil in a scenario that was supervised by Takashi Tokida.

In brief comments shared with Famitsu, Tokida revealed the time frame of the Interlude chapter. It takes place some years after the end of FFIV. The scenario begins as the heroes have gathered at Damcyan Castle for a ceremony marking the castle's recovery.

Tokida also shared some general comments about the compilation as a whole. Points of note include the renewed high resolution visuals, and the gallery mode that includes illustrations and movies related to FFIV. He also noted that players can switch between original and arranged version music.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection is due for release on March 24. It will be offered in retail form for ¥5,980 and direct download for ¥4,980.

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