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Yakuza Mobile Kicks Off Today

Big headed Kiryu Kazuma and friends on your cell phone.


The mobile version of Yakuza began official service today. Yakuza Mobile is available on GREE, and is playable on docomo, au and SoftBank sets.

In this mobile social take on the Yakuza series, players gather "legendary men" and raise them to both battle other players and team up with other players to save Kamurocho from a big enemy. Those "legendary men" are past Yakuza series characters who appear in card form. Players will also build up the Kamurocho city using items that they've collected.

Yakuza Mobile features a story that's set between Yakuza 2 and Yakuza 3. This was penned by series scenario head Masayoshi Yokoyama. You work through the story by taking on missions which feature characters from all the past Yakuza games.

For further details, along with some wallpapers, visit the official site.

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