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The Many Boxes of Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable

D3 shows off new PSP entry in EDF series.


D3 Publisher had to make four different packagings for the upcoming PSP title Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable. Have a look here.

First, the standard version of the game:

Here's the outside packaging for the Double Enlistment Pack, which includes two copies of the game for the price of buying less then one and a half copies.

These last two are the covers of the copies of the game that are included with the Double Enlistment Pack. The one on the left is the same packaging as the outside. The one on the right is a recreation of the the PlayStation 2 Earth Defense Forces 2 package:

Joining all the packaging, D3 Publisher opened the game's official site today. Visit the "multi play" section in particular for a bunch of videos. Game Jouhou has also assembled the videos here.

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