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Classic Dungeon X2 Demo Hits Today

Nippon Ichi celebrates demo release with art contest.


A demo of Nippon Ichi's retro styled dungeon RPG sequel Classic Dungeon X2 is available for download on PSN as of today. You'll get to sample three areas and 10 dungeons along with a few edit features. Your demo save file will carry over to the final version.

One of the edit features available in the demo lets you create your own sprites for the game. Nippon Ichi is holding a contest using this tool. Submit your best sprite creation, and you may win the honor of having Mota, the game's character designer, do a real drawing based off your pixels. The winning submission will get a copy of Classic Dungeon X2 and the Mota illustration. Four runners up will get a copy of Classic Dungeon X2.

The sprite editor.
Mota's character work.

Of course, Nippon Ichi will be sharing the winners at the official site. The contest runs from 2/24 to 3/13, with the winners set to be announced on 3/17.

Here are a few demo screenshots Nippon Ichi sent out today.

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