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Catherine Hint Videos at the Official Site

Sheep dude gives instruction in how to get through night seven.


Catherine director Katsura Hashino promised two things to help with the game's difficulty: a patch and some play hints at the official site. The time frame for the patch has yet to be announced, but the play hints section became available today.

The hints take the form of gameplay videos showing how to get past areas that might be a bit tricky. Sheep dude provides a few pointers along the way.

Today's update covers the game's first two nights. Atlus will continue posting hint videos through night seven.

You can directly access the hints here. Sheep dude warns that there will be some spoilers. Click "OK" if you're okay with that.

(By the way, I'd suggest making sure you have headphones plugged in before opening the videos... the site makes some sounds that could be misconstrued.)

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