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Gundam The 3D Battle -- Recovery Damage, Armor Break and StreetPass

Our latest update on the first 3DS Gundam game.


Namco Bandai has provided a new look at what will be the 3DS's first Gundam game, Gundam The 3D Battle. New details include the "Recovery Damage" and "Armor Break" systems, and the game's StreetPass support.

Recovery Damage refers to your Mobile Suite recovering a certain amount of damage after you've been hit. When you incur damage, your life bar depletes. Some of the depleted life bar is marked in yellow. If you don't incur damage for a certain amount of time, this yellow damage area will recover.

Armor Break is what happens when you incur a powerful attack. Your Recovery Damage is instantly turned into actual damage.

You can see these two systems in these screens. The life gauge is shown on the bottom screen. The Armor Break is indicated by the flash of light on the gauge.

The game's StreetPass support lets you exchange pilot and Mobile Suit data with other players. These Mobile Suits appear as enemies in missions.

In the game's "My Room" area, you can see data for the pilots you've received through StreetPass, including such things as most used attacks and most recently used Mobile Suit.

Joining these gameplay details, Namco Bandai provided a look at more classic Gundam scenes recreated on the 3DS, and the latest Mobile Suits. Have a look below.

Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack

Mobile Suit Gundam UC

Gundam MK-II (Titans Color)

Gundam MK-II








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