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Akina Joined By Some Other Dude to Promote Spike's New Game

Take control of gangster turned teacher in Gachitora.


It's not entirely clear why, but Spike determined that that Akina, aka Akina Minami, aka one of my many future Japanese wives, needed some support to promote upcoming PSP title Gachitora.

So, instead of just this:

You have this:

The guy is "Amemiya," fully Yohei Amemiya. He's a singer and comedian, part of the duo Nonstop Bus, and formerly part of the band Dynamite Orange.

The game Akina and Amemiya are promoting is an action adventure that at first glance looks a bit like Kenka Bancho. You take control of a teacher -- a teacher who kicks ass and takes names. Playing as Torao Kaji, you'll need to solve your student's problems, playing lots of mini games along the way.

If you like what you see, visit the official site for some promotional videos.

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