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Steel Diver Multiplayer Detailed

Nintendo's second first party game has a take on Battleship included.


Nintendo's first 3DS first party game is Nintendogs + Cats, and it's launching with the system tomorrow. Nintendo's second 3DS first party game is Steel Diver. It's due for release on March 17.

Nintendo provided a big update on Steel Diver today, with screenshots and new gameplay details. Of particular note is first info on multiplayer.

Multiplayer mode, or "Naval Battle Mode," is set up like a turn-based gridded strategy game, only you're unable to see your opponent's ships at the start. You can play this mode using download play, meaning you'll just need one game card for two players.

You and your opponent have a set of submarines, freighter ships and escort ships. The submarines are the only ships that can enter enemy territory. The escort ships can attack enemy subs who've crossed over. The freighters can't engage in combat. If your freighters all sink, you lose the battle.

You start off this mode by first moving your subs into enemy territory, guessing where they might be located. As you approach, the map will be marked in pink and yellow indicating areas that might have enemy ships. You'll be able to use sonar to get a more precise idea of enemy position, but your position will also be revealed.

Once you've determined precise enemy position, you'll switch to periscope mode to attack. If you end up being spotted, your submarine will come under attack by the enemy escort ships.

In addition to the multiplayer details, Nintendo shared a few details on the game's other two modes: submarine mode and periscope mode. We already shared hands on impressions of both modes from Nintendo World last month, but here's some of what's new in Nintendo's update.

In submarine mode, where you navigate a submarine in a horizontal view, you'll have access to three types of subs:

Manatee ND-01
Capable of firing torpedoes upwards.
Blue Shark ND-03
Can fire two torpedos. Also has control for changing angle.
Serpent ND-05
Has the most fire power, with four torpedos.

As you make your way through the waters, your ship will come under attack. If you get hit by enemy torpedos or mines, you may develop leaks. In this situation, you'll lose control of your ship. You'll need to use the stylus to touch the area that's leaking and plug the leak.

In periscope mode, where you move the 3DS around like a periscope to aim and fire at enemy ships, you'll end up take on ships both above and below water. When under water, visibility will be bad so you'll have to rely on sonar to track down enemies. You'll also have to battle in storms, which could make aiming tricky.

You can see additional screens and some videos at the game's newly opened official site.

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