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Latest Gal Gun DLC is "Private Swimwear."

The heroines show off their personal bikini preferences.


The first download content for Gal Gun included swimwear and an underwater mode where your pheromone blasting took place underwater.

The game's latest download content is also swimwear. But not just any swimwear. "Private" swimwear.

The difference appears to be that all the heroines have vastly different designs. Kaname has a white bikini. Akira has a stripe bikini. Aoi has a white school swimsuit. And Sakurazaki's outfit is described as a black bikini that will make you think of bondage.

Have a look at the outfits in the heat of action here:

During Doki Doki Mode, you may end up in situations like this:

The Heroine Private Swimwear Set will be available today at 18:00. Pricing is set at 800 Microsoft Points.

Alchemist has more Gal Gun DLC on the way. Joining a bunch of icon packs, March 11 will see the release of school outfits based off PSP's Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Portable. The 18th will see DLC that Alchemist is currently only describing as "???".

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