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Get Your 3DS Manuals Here

Wacky Nintendo warning images and more even before you get the system!


You're going to have to wait until Saturday morning to get your hands on the 3DS hardware. But you can get your hands on the system's instruction manuals right now!

Nintendo opened a support page for the system today. The page has a FAQ, a guide to connecting to the internet, and PDFs for the various included manuals.

These manuals include:

The AR Card manual has big versions of the artwork that's used on the six included AR Cards.

The Mii Plaza section has a look at some of the upcoming features, including the e-Shop, the software and data mover (for moving things like DSi Ware games from your DSi to 3DS or moving 3DS download software from one 3DS system to another) and the web browser (shown here pointing to the Club Nintendo page).

If all you want are some of those wacky Nintendo warning drawings, you'll find plenty in the main Instruction Manual.

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