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Trading Card Game Weiss Schwarz Being Converted to PSP Game

Gaming adaptation said to combine trading card sim with love sim.


Card game maker Bushiroad annoucned yesterday a PSP game conversion of its popular Weiss Schwarz trading card game. The PSP adaptation is titled Weiss Schwarz Portable and will see release in 2011 through Namco Bandai.

The Weiss Schwarz card game mixes numerous gaming and anime franchises for its cards. Popular gaming brands like Idolmaster, Persona, Disgaea, and Shining Force are all featured. Characters are split into Weiss (white) and Schwarz (black) sides.

The PSP version is said to be a trading card simulation + love sim. Further details were not revealed, but a teaser official site is accessible here.

The announcement came at yesterday's Bushiroad Card Game Live 2011 event in Yokohama, the third such event for the company. You can see a report on the event itself at Famitsu.com.

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