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3DS Sells 371,326 Units in First Two Days

Professor Layton top selling launch title.

Nintendo actually appeared to up its 3DS promo campaign following release. Shown here, an evening demo event at the Tsutaya outlet in Shibuya on the 26th.

Enterbrain shared some early sales stats for the 3DS today. According to the tracker, via the usual source of Famitsu.com, 3DS sold 371,326 units on February 26 and 27, its first two days of sales. The top selling game for the platform was Level-5's Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask with 117,598 units.

Following the launch, Nikkei reported a near sellout of the system's initial lot of 400,000 units. Enterbrain's figure would suggest that the initial lot of 400,000 included the shipments of stock that were observed at many major retailers the day following launch.

The reason Enterbrain provided sales for the first two days is that the firm's tracking period ends on Sundays. The 371,326 figure is most likely the figure that you'll see presented in Famitsu later this week. Media Create's sales data, which is usually shared on early Thursday morning, also covers through Sunday, so it should be in the same ballpark.

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