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Iwata: Wii Hasn't Reached Limit Yet

Nintendo CEO comments on portable and console plans in latest newspaper interview.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata.

It seems that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata is doing the rounds with the mainstream Japanese business press. Following an interview at Asahi (read a summary here), Yomiuri Online has posted bits from an interview that was conducted by the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper on the 26th.

Similar to the Asahi interview, Iwata expressed his hope to expand the system behind the DS. When asked about sales targets for the 3DS, Iwata said, "We don't have a specific sales target, but we'd like to increase the number of people who experience it to beyond the DS. We've equipped it with a 3D camera and so-forth, which can also bring in those who aren't interested in games."

Yomiuri asked about Nintendo's plans for video downloads. "The 3DS will be the first 3D video playback device to reach major penetration," said Iwata. "We've had many proposals from the film, music and such industries. We're looking into distributing Hollywood trailers and movies, along with things like 3D reference software."

Outside of 3DS, Yomiuri asked about plans for a Wii successor. "It's just four years since release," said Iwata. "It's selling over 7 million units a year in North America, so we don't think it's at the limit. We'll make decisions about a successor system at the time when software developers cannot offer surprises (on the Wii)."

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