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Dokidoki Suikoden Has Touch Events

Nurse girls back to good health by touching them. Where's that touch screen when you need it!?


Here's the latest on Dokidoki Suikoden, the PSP title that's based off an old Irem April Fool's Day joke, courtesy of Famitsu.com.

The game has two main parts: adventure party and battle party. During adventure part, you run around school with the game's heroines, collecting information about the seven mysteries (if you really care -- and it's totally okay to admit that you do! -- you can read more about the story in this article). The girl animation makes use of Silicon Studio's "Motion Portrait" technology which is used in other PSP games like "My Sister is Totally Cute and I Can't Believe How Cute She is.

The Motion Portrait animation system in action.

As you investigate the school, you'll come upon girls who will get in the way. This will trigger a battle, where you command three heroines of your choice.

Clothing plays an important role in battle. Attacks make a girl's clothing fall off, showing visual changes in both 3D and 2D models. You're free to dress up your girls prior to battle, and depending on clothing, the girl's abilities will differ. You'll also be able to change clothing during battle, although this takes time. Some costume changes, like a school outfit and maid outfit, take long to change. Others, like socks and ribbons, can be changed quickly.

Following battle, you may be able to take part in "touch events." Your girls have been beaten up badly in battle and are passed out on the floor. You can nurse them back to well being by moving a hand around their body and seeing how they react.

The original Famitsu.com story has a sampling of the game's costumes, so definitely take a look.

Also in the Famitsu.com story is a look at two additional heroines:

To the left, Haruka Seki (voiced by Masumi Asano). Haruka is a new teacher at your school and is like an older sister to the students. Students call her "Haruka-chan," which worries her because she feels that she may not be keeping appropriate distance from them.

To the right, Rosanna Grant (voiced by Misa Kobayashi). Rosanna is mixed, but speaks a strange Kansai-ben. She aims to be the ace in the cheer leader club. She's nice to girls, so her younger peers are fond of her.

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