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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Gets Free Download Content

Final Fantasy related sounds and costumes on the way.


Coinciding with today's Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy release, Square Enix has detailed some of the game's upcoming free download content.

First up, a piece of free download content for all. Access PlayStation Store, and you'll find Warrior of Light's fourth form, "Nameless Warrior." This features the Warrior of Light character without a cap.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, due for PSP release on March 24, is also part of a Duodecim download content promo. As previously detailed, the game's first print run will include a character data download code. Input this code at PlayStation Store, and you'll get a "Deform Image Costume" for Dissidia's Cecil. The costume is based off the original FFIV sprite artwork.

The next bonus is exclusively for members of the Final Fantasy Mobile mobile portal site. On March 24, members will receive a product code which can be used to download five tracks from the original 1987 Final Fantasy for use in Duodecim. Music includes Air Ship, Battle Scene, Cornelia Castle, Menu Screen and Chaos Shrine.

Square Enix also shared a few images of Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection with this announcement. You'll find even more in this gallery.

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