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Nintendo Shares Latest Release Dates

Mario 3DS officially announced for Japan, Pilot Wings and Pokemon Typing dates finalized.


Nintendo shared today an updated release schedule for 3DS, Wii and DS.

For 3DS, the big news is a Pilot Wings Resort date. The date was already finalized for overseas players, but in Japan, the game will arrive on April 14, priced ¥4,800.

Nintendo also formally announced "Super Mario" for 3DS, using the same placeholder name that was shared during CEO Satoru Iwata's Game Developers Conference keynote address earlier today. The game's date and price are listed as TBA. Actual details are expected at June's E3.

For Wii, Nintendo said that Kirby, Just Dance 2 and 007 Goldeneye will all see release in 2011. These were all previously announced in some capacity.

Finally, for DS, Nintendo announced a final release date for Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS. The Pokemon-themed typing tutor is due for release on April 21, priced at ¥5,800. The price includes a Nintendo Wireless Keyboard peripheral. As with most Pokemon product, Pokemon Typing DS will be published by Pokemon Co. and distributed by Nintendo.

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