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Akiba's Trip Forbidden Strip Actions Revealed

This is what it's like to strip a zombie schoolgirl of her clothes and have her melt after being struck by the sunlight bwa ha ha ha ha.


One of your primary weapons against the "Kaguyashi" vampires that roam the streets of Akihabara in Acquire's new PSP action adventure title Akiba's Trip is the sunlight. The Kaguyashi will burn up if exposed to the sun. Alls you gots to do is strip them of their clothes using "Strip Actions" moves.

Oh by the way, some of the Kaguyashi look like school girls. This is what a Strip Action looks like on a schoolgirl Kaguyashi, courtesy of a new preview at Famitsu.com.

When you're able to perform a Strip Action, a button will appear on the screen indicating which area of clothing you can strip off, as shown in the top screen.

After the Kaguyashi schoolgirl has been stripped of her clothes, she burns up from the sunlight, like so:

(I can't quite make out the text, but that may very well be a licensed Yoshinoya in the background. Akiba's Trip has tie-ups with real Akihabara shops.)

It's possible to chain your Strip Actions together, if surrounded by lots of enemies who are in an easily strippable state. This is a bit like:

Strip actions appear to be your only way to permanently rid the streets of the vampire kind. Normal attacks will only harm them temporarily, as they have special recovery abilities.

You can engage in normal combat too, though. The game's battle system lets you perform lower, middle and upper attacks. You can repeatedly press the attack buttons to achieve chains and even super moves. Holding R will make your character automatically evade. While evading, you can press the attack button to perform a counter.

Not all the Kaguyashi look like school girls. However, they do all look like regular people. Before beating them up and stripping them of their clothes, you'll want to first identify people as Kaguyashi. You do this with Mirror Snap, a special cellphone, developed by anti-Kaguyashi group NIRO, which can identify the creatures. Activate Mirror Snap, and you'll see that some people in your area disappear. These are the Kaguyashi.

Acquire also shared the latest character details for the game:

To the left is Yuu Abeno (voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara). Yuu is a Kaguyashi who likes to attack humans.

In the center is Sena Kitada (voiced by Maaya Uchida). Sena is bassist in Dirty Bloody Princesses, a twin sister idol group that has caused a sensation in Akihabaara. She's the older of the two.

To the right is Mana Kitada (voiced by Eriko Nakamura). Mana is the vocalist in Dirty Bloody Princess. She's selfish and acts much younger than Sena.

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