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First Details on UnchainBlades ReXX's Bonus Goodies

Plus, a closer look at the game's Titan dungeons.


Following a big reveal a few weeks back, Furyu has opened up about UnchainBlades ReXX, sharing a huge screenshot and artwork update and details on bonus items.

As detailed in our initial preview, UnchainBlades ReXX is an original fantasy dungeon RPG for 3DS and PSP. The game features character designs from at least fourteen illustrations who've worked on such titles as Shining Force and Idolmaster.

You'll find the new screens and artwork here.

Furyu's update included just a couple of new details about the game. We previously shared that the game's dungeons take place in giant creatures known as Titans. There are many different forms of Titans.

This is the humanoid Titan Dalis. Hot magma flows out around this Titan, blocking your advance.

This screenshot is from the Titan Sloan, which is in the form of an elephant. The dungeon has trees growing across it, making one think that it has been around for a long time. You'll encounter some tricky gimmicks here.

Finally, the Titan Tortouga, which is in the form of a tortoise. Water and ice fill this dungeon. There are times when you'll have to move by swimming.

On the topic of bonus items, Furyu is preparing both a general pre-order bonus and retail separate bonuses.

The general pre-order bonus is a DV featuring an original voice drama, a character voice collection, a "Nobuo Uematsu Version Promotion Video," and an art collection set to background music.

The retailer-separate bonus items include telephone cards, post card sets and more, all with artwork from the game's guest character designers. You can have a look at some of the preliminary designs for the bonuses here.

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