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Catherine Patch Nearing Completion

Director shares some details on what to expect and hints at more content for the future.

The wait for the Catherine patch may not be long!

Catherine director Katsura Hashino gave the game's official blog an update today with some long awaited details on the game's upcoming patch.

Work on the patch's additional content is almost complete, said Hashino. The development staff is moving on to checks and preparations for releasing the patch. A precise date will be announced by the Atlus PR department in a future update.

Hashino provided a few hints about what to expect in terms of content. The game's easy mode will receive an "assist feature" which he says will make the game "quite easier." He suggests using the assist feature along with the hint page at the official site (which has video hints for tough situations) if you're having trouble.

Easy mode and normal mode will both be getting relaxed limits on retries. This is being done to let players concentrate on strategy for clearing the stages.

The patch will also come with a feature for switching the game back to its original pre-patch state. This will work for everything except for just a few areas.

Hashino also hinted that more patches could be on the way. The staff wanted to get this patch out as quickly as possible, so they made the focus of the add-on content the assist feature which will help those who are having trouble clearing the stages. Noting that this is the lower limit of arrangements and does not reply to all customer requests, he added that there have been a lot of requests for an event scene viewer, and closed off the sentence with an ;) emoticon.

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