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Watch Celebrities Play Yakuza Of the End

The Kill Bill chick and the therapist with the crazy eyes samples the new Yakuza game in advance... but not necessarily in advance of you because a demo is already available!


A Yakuza Of the End demo is available for download on PlayStation 3 as of Friday. That means you can play the game for yourself.

Or, you can watch two of the game's voice actresses play it!

First up, Chiaki Kuriyama.

You might remember Chiaki from Kill Bill, where she bravely fought Uma Thurman with a meteor hammer. In Of the End, she plays heroine Misuzu Asaki (you'll find a profile here).

Here's Chiaki, apparently a Yakuza fan (err, a fan of the game, not the institution), sampling the battle component and getting all creeped out by the zombies (although she eventually has a change of heart and says the zombies look cool -- I have to agree, they really do).

Towards the middle of the clip, Chiaki gets to hear herself speak to Akiyama and the other characters in an event scene. This appears to be a first for her, as the recording sessions were done solo.

Next, Jun Komori:

You might remember Jun from this article, where she looked like this:

Jun plays the role of Jun, a massage therapist. Here she is trying out battle and play spots.

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