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Tengai Makyo Jipang 7 Open Beta Kicks Off Next Week

Browser game promises improvements from recent closed beta.


In accordance with our policy of writing only once (or maybe twice if the girls have big boobs) about browser games, we stopped writing about Tengai Makyo Jipang 7 after realizing that it was a browser game.

But here's some big news for those who are interested. The game's open beta test will kick of on March 18 at 15:00. To take part, register at the official site.

The open beta follows a closed beta test which ended on February 14. The development staff has responded to user feedback and has made such improvements as improved tempo for the game's card battle system and balance adjustments. Presentational changes include an opening movie and music from Kouhei Tanaka

If you've already marked March 18 on your calendar, visit the official site. for a play guide.

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