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Akai Katana's Limited Edition Detailed

The packaging and content for the LE version of Cave's Xbox 360 shooter. Plus, have a listen at the special voice pack bonus!


Cave's Xbox 360 side scrolling arcade shooter Akai Katana Shin is getting a limited edition. Today, Cave gave a glimpse at the contents.

First, the packaging for the limited edition's special box case:

The artwork was done by character designer Mushimaro.

Inside, you'll find an Akai Katana soundtrack CD featuring the new arrangements that were made for the game's new Akai Katana Shin mode.

The limited edition will be priced ¥9,240. The standard version goes for ¥7,140.

Both the standard and limited edition versions will get a special digital bonus goodie. Pick up the first print run, and you'll get a Voice Pack Content Card. This card has a product code for downloading voices that were newly recorded for the Xbox 360 version.

Cave shared a video showing the difference in toggling the voices on and off. In the below clip, the voice pack sequences are the ones with the additional voice in the background.

Notice the difference?

You can hear it for yourself when Akai Katana Shin hits Xbox 360 on May 26.

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