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Shakey Cam Shows Us the New Atelier Announce Trailer

Plus, a few preliminary details from Dengeki.

You promised us details, Dengeki!!!

The bad news: this week's Dengeki doesn't really have anything in the way of actual details on the new Atelier game.

While the magazine does confirm the title to be in development for PlayStation 3, that appears to be it as far as facts go. The magazine does not even list a final name, referring to it only as the "3rd Arland Title" (third following Atelier Rorona and Atelier Totori, both also for PlayStation 3).

The magazine does show a young version of Rorona, the main character of Atelier Rorona, causing some speculation that this could be a prequel. Atelier Totori was a sequel featuring an older Rorona.

Actual details will apparently come in the next issue of Dengeki, which doesn't hit until two weeks from now.

We've been assembling details from Dengeki in this week's Flying Get, so turn there for more (although not much more!).

Now for the good news: some brave soul filmed the recent Dengeki games festival unveil trailer... possibly using a camera that was strapped to his head, judging by the shakiness. There is a bit of in-game footage towards the end, so take a look (but please wait 30 minutes after eating).

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