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Dead or Alive Dimensions Gets Daily Downloadable Costumes

Plus, Tecmo Koei's top developers are intrigued by NGP.

The presence of daily download costumes and items should make you power up your 3DS every day, especially if the goods are one day limited.

Tecmo Koei will be putting the 3DS' SpotPass feature to use to offer players daily downloadable costumes. Team Ninja head Yousuke Hayashi revals this and more in an interview in this week's Famitsu.

Joining the daily costumes, the game will also see a limited costume that can only be downloaded on March 24, the game's release date. The game will also see lots of one day limited item downloads.

Hayashi did not get into details on these areas.

Famitsu's interview was actually in the form of a dialogue between a number of Tecmo Koei's top developers, including Hayashi, Akihiro Suzuki (Dynasty Warriors 7) and Hisashi Koinuma (Samurai Warriors Chronicle). NGP came up briefly during the conversation.

Koinuma said that network games have a difficult image about them, so he's not thinking about making such a game at present. However, he added that if there were something that would give everyone the same environment and allow them to connect to the same world no matter where they were, this could change. Hayashi asked if this means NGP. While he didn't respond directly to Hayahshi's question, Koinuma said that as a game developer, the NGP's specs are quite attractive. Suzuki agreed that the specs are attractive, but said that he's interested in the system's GPS and 3G capabilities, as he believes positional information can be put to use in games.

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