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Catherine Super Easy Patch Now Available For PlayStation 3

Xbox 360 version still in development.

Access the new Super Easy Mode at the title screen to enable the game's Drink Assist feature.

Atlus has released its promised difficulty patch for Catherine. The PS3 version became available today at 13:00. The Xbox 360 version is still in development. Details on its release will be announced later.

The big feature for the update is Super Easy Mode. From the title screen, select the "Golden Theater" story mode and hold SELECT (Xbox 360 owners should press "BACK" when they have the patch). This will add a "Drink Assist" feature to the game's easy mode. Drink Assist makes a special drink item appear in the stage. You can drink this to give yourself the ability to climb three levels of steps in one go.

The update also changes the effect of the pillows that you pick up during the action stages. Previously, the pillow gave you one continue. This remains the same for hard mode. In normal mode, the pillow now gives you two continues. In easy mode, you get three.

As promised, you'll be able to block out the effect of the patch. At the title screen, press R3 and L3 simultaneously, and you'll return the game to its original state.

The update also fixes bugs in online leader boards and makes a few changes to guidance text to reflect the difficulty changes.

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