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This White Day, Have a Real Date with Love Plus

Love sim becoming more and more real with every game.


Valentine's Day counterpart White Day is approaching. For boyfriends, that means a big date with your girlfriend. Or with your virtual girlfriend, if you're into Love Plus!

Konami is encouraging virtual dates this White Day through a special campaign for Love Plus Medal and Love Plus Arcade Colorful Clip. From 3/14 (White Day) through 3/21, those who play either of the two arcade games using their e-Amusement Pass card will be entered into a drawing to win a set for three commemorative Love Plus medals.

Using Love Plus Medal, you can experience a "real date" with one of the Love Plus heroines. The system works like this. Play Love Plus Medal using your e-Amusement Pass. Doing this will give you the ability to sample the game's unique "real date" connective functionality. When you play medal games Grand Cross Chronicle or Fortune Trinity, your girlfriend will appear on the screens of those games -- as if you're on a real date! Go back to playing Love Plus Medal, and the girl will speak about your date.

Here's an image video Konami shared of the real date system.

Note that real date will only work as long as you play the games in the same arcade. You won't be able to take your date outside.

The real date system is a standard feature of Love Plus Medal. However, it's usually triggered randomly. From March 11 through March 21, all players will be given the real date as a present. You can only use it once, so make sure you're in the mode for some virtual love.

Love Plus Arcade Colorful Clip won't give you the chance at a real virtual date with one of the Love Plus girls. But it does have something Love Plus Medal doesn't have: Tokimeki Memorial costumes!

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