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Monster Hunter Gets the Most Stylish PSP Case Ever!

Plus, a clock!


What this Monster Hunter case costs you in moneys, it's going to more than make up for in coolness.

The latest in Sony's PORTERxPS Pictogram series, this Monster Hunter Portable 3rd theme case costs ¥10,500. It has enough space for your PSP (1000, 2000 or 3000), UMDs and accessories.

Pre-orders kicked off today at e-Capcom. You'll also be able to buy it from Sony Style. The case will ship in early April.

Joining the case, Capcom provided a look at the latest game center prize goods for Monster Hunter.

These two clocks will be available in game centers some in the middle of this month. The pendulums are a guild mark (left) and Felyne body (right).

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