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Big 3DS AR Cards Coming to Club Nintendo

Take a picture of yourself with your Mii, just like Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata.


The latest 3DS Iwata Asks column (read it here in Japanese) is all about the system's internal software. There's one bit of big news in the column.

During a discussion about the system's AR Games app, CEO Satoru Iwata debuts a shot of himself holding hands with his Mii:

He was able to take this picture by turing the 3DS vertical (the 3DS Iwata is holding is not the one taking the picture) and making use of a special large-sized AR Card.

A large sized AR Card like the one Iwata used to take the picture will be released as a Club Nintendo bonus, the column reveals. Details will be announced later.

Early 3DS adopters have been playing around with the system's included wallet-sized AR Cards by making large copies and observing the effect on the size of the generated characters. You can see the results of different sized cards at Inside Games.

From Inside Games.

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