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Miyamoto Discusses Zelda and Star Fox 3DS Remakes

Nintendo's master software creator tells us why he wanted to do remakes now.


There's no end in sight for Nintendo's 3DS-related Iwata Asks columns. The latest column hit today, putting Nintendo software master Shigeru Miyamoto in a dialogue with his boss (?) Satoru Iwata.

Miyamoto (left) and Iwata (right) discuss Zelda and Star Fox.

Iwata asked Miyamoto about two early 3DS remake titles, Zelda Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64.

Miyamoto gave a few reasons for why he wanted to remake the two games right now. One major reason is that at the time of their release, both games ran at the limit in terms of polygon counts and framerates. Miyamoto wanted to aim higher, a feeling that he says he's had since their release.

For Zelda in particular, he felt that gamers who played the Nintendo 64 version in their elementary school years were now in the mid twenties, so the time was right for a remake. But the biggest reason for Miyamoto wanting to remake Zelda is that he just wanted to see the massive Hyrule land in 3D.

In addition to this, Miyamoto noted something that everyone who's tried the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time has said: the game benefits from easier item swapping thanks to the touch screen.

Regarding Star Fox 64, Miyamoto feels that the 3DS hardware can add to the experience, as having a feeling of depth makes the game easier to play. By "easier," he doesn't mean easier to clear, but offering a good feeling when you attack things or pick up items that are floating in front of you.

We'll likely be hearing a lot more from Miyamoto and Iwata about Zelda as the game's release approaches. Iwata hinted that we'll be getting an Iwata Asks column just for the game when the time comes.

Nintendo America has been pretty quick with getting English translations of these Iwata Asks columns, so check the English Iwata Asks page over the coming days for a full translation of this latest one.

Zelda is due for release outside of Japan this June. Nintendo has yet to announce a Japanese release time frame.

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