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A Sneak Peek at Dead or Alive Dimensions' SpotPass Costumes

Plus, the latest character and event scene images at Famitsu.com


We reported earlier in the week that Dead or Alive Dimensions would be getting daily SpotPass downloadable costumes. Have a look at a few samples that popped up today at Famitsu.com.

From left to right:

  • Cheer Girl Lei Fang
  • Personal Clothing Kokoro
  • Ninja Attire Ayane
  • Personal Clothing Kasumi
  • Personal Clothing Hitomi
  • White Cat Costume La Mariposa
  • White Cat Costume Tina

The site reports that the game will have 28 costumes distributed gradually over SpotPass.

In an interview separate from the Famitsu preview off which the Famitsu.com article is based, Team Ninja's head said that the game would have a release day only downloadable costume, which presumably means that you'll need to have the game on launch day in order to get it. We're going to have to wait for specifics on this and other download content.

Famitsu.com also has screens and artwork for Genra, Alpha-152, Kasumi Alpha, and Tengu, all of whom are making their first playable appearances according to the site, along with Leon, Bass, and Zack. You'll also find the latest Chronicle Mode event scenes.

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