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Monster Hunter Festa, Other Events Cancelled

Events cancelled following earthquake.


In light of yesterday's Tohoku earthquake, a number of weekend events have been cancelled or postponed. Here's a list with links to further information.

3/12, 3/13: Yakuza Of the End Signing in Hiroshima and Osaka (notice)

13/12, 3/13: Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royal Location Test (official site)

3/12, 3/13: eb! Festa 2011 10 Year Anniversary Event (notice)

3/12: Blazblue Continuum Shift II PSP/3DS Osaka Demo Event notice)

3/13: Gundam The 3D Battle Blogger Demo Event (notice)

3/13: Dead or Alive Dimensions Blogger Demo Event

3/13: Monster Hunter Festa 2011 Fukuoka Installment (official site)

3/13: May'n x Nameless Special Live for Valkyria Chronicles 3 (official site)

3/13: Blazblue Continuum Shift II PSP/3DS Girls Demo Event notice)

Volume 285 of the Hideradio podcast has also been delayed from its original scheduled release date yesterday. A notice on the new date will be given on the 14th.

Those who would like to assist in earthquake relief efforts can make donations to the Red Cross.

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