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Disaster Report 4 Cancelled

Irem goes a bit further than a delay with PS3 disaster themed game.

Disaster Report 4 begins with a major earthquake hitting a city visited by the game's main character.

Many expected a delay in Disaster Report 4's release following Friday's Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Irem went a bit further than that: it cancelled the game.

In a brief statement issued today, the company simply said that it has cancelled the game, without providing a reason. It apologized to fans who were waiting for the game and all those related to the project.

Disaster Report 4 is the first PlayStation 3 entry in Irem's disaster-themed adventure series that saw two entries on PS2 followed by one entry on PSP. The game begins with a major earthquake laying waste to a city. Players must deal with collapsing infrastructure as they attempt to escape the city.

The game was most recently flagged with a Spring release time frame and already appeared in playable form at last year's Tokyo Game Show.

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