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Yakuza Of the End Delayed

Sega pushes zombie themed Yakuza game back from March 17 release date. New date TBA.

An early teaser image for Of the End shows a destroyed Kamurocho. Although Kamurocho is fictional, it's based off Tokyo's Kabukicho area.

Another expected delay victim from Friday's earthquake: Sega has announced that Yakuza Of the End will not make its March 17 release date. The company has flagged the game as date TBA.

Similar to Sony's announcement of Motorstorm 3's delay, Sega did not specifically list the earthquake as reason. It simply cited "various circumstances."

Yakuza Of the End takes the popular Yakuza franchise in a slightly different direction from its predecessors, depicting a zombie attack that leads to the destruction of the game's fictional Kamurocho town.

Sega has been gearing up promotions for the game's release, recently holding a nationwide demo and signing tour. The Hiroshima and Osaka legs of the signing event were cancelled following the earthquake.

A demo of the game was released to PSN earlier this month.

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