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Buy Street Fighter iPhone To Support Quake Victims

Capcom announces quake relief plans as it cancels major upcoming events.

Pretend Ryu is Capcom and Ken is the earthquake. (Screenshot is from Super SFIV 3D Edition on 3DS.)

Capcom stepped up today with some major shows of support for relief efforts related to Friday's earthquake and tsunami.

The company has the following four programs in place:

1. A donation of 100 million yen for relief efforts.

2. From today (3/15) for a period of one week, the iPhone/iPod touch version of Street Fighter IV will be discounted to ¥115 (or $0.99 for those outside of Japan). All sales over this period will go to relief efforts. This applies to all markets, so players outside of Japan can also contribute.

3. Monster Hunter Frontier Online players affected by the earthquake and tsunami will not have to pay monthly usage fees

4. To conserve energy in the face of shortages, Capcom will, if necessary, close or implement shortened hours at amusement centers and offices in areas that fall under the coverage of Tokyo Electric Power or Tohoku Electric Power. It will also be holding off on events.

Earlier today, Capcom announced that it would be canceling this year's Monster Hunter Festa national fan event and tournament.

Capcom is not alone in its show of support for earthquake victims. For a sampling of what some other publishes are doing, see this story.

If you'd like to contribute directly to relief efforts, you can make a donation at the Red Cross.

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