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Have a Glimpse at Classic Dungeon X2's Collaborations

Upcoming retro-styled RPG has tie-ups with Ys, Disgaea and more!


Last week's Dengeki PlayStation revealed that Classic Dungeon X2 would have collaborations with a number of franchises, including various titles from Falcom. The magazine's online counterpart has since provided a first look.

Here's Ys II heroine Lilia.

Other Falcom tie-ups include Legend of Heroes titles Sora no Kiseki and Zero no Kiseki.

From manga P.S Three-san (P.S. Triple in the official English version), you'll find Three-san, Wii-san, Sega-san and Hakomaru-san. Yes, the characters are all meant to be representations of video game related entities. 1up has more at an official blog.

The game also has a Disgaea 4 collaboration:

While we don't have any images yet, Dengeki says to expect a collaboration with 5pb.'s Phantom Breaker fighter and some sort of collaboration with voice actress Akiko Hasegawa.

Visit the Dengeki PS article for more screens from the game, including some shots of the editors attempt at using the game's character edit tool to create Hatsune Miku Mitsune Haku.

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