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OMG What The Hell is Going On in These Doki Doki Suikoden Screens!?

This is Irem's best hope following Disaster Report 4's cancellation!


Just like the headline says, OMG what the hell is going on these Doki Doki Suikoden screens!?

Here's batch one:

Why is that one girl behind that other one, and why is she pulling on her?

Here's batch two:

What's does that girl have an egg in her mouth? Or is that just how her mouth is drawn?

Here's batch three:

This one actually looks pretty normal.

These screenshot sets are from Doki Doki Suikoden's touch events. When you come out victorious in the game's battles, which I believe you do by knocking your opponents clothes off, you'll trigger touch events where you can touch the losing heroine's body in various areas. The girl will react in various ways, complete with voice.

A few new details have emerged on just what the battle system is all about.

When you begin battle, you first select the girls you want to fight for you. Your selectable crew will increase as you progress through the game and develop stronger relationships with the heriones.

During the fight, you can make your heroine change into a different costume. She'll pull up a curtain and change right there on the battle field. The amount of time it takes to change depends on the costume. Swimwear and maid outfits, for instance, take long. Accessories like socks and ribbons can be swapped out quicker.

When attacked, your heroine's clothing will incur damage. You'll see this reflected in both her 3D model and 2D visual.

Once battle is done, the game shows the result screen, where your heroine will earn experience and you'll get items and costumes. And then... the touch events.

Visit Famitsu.com for additional screens showing the game's adventure part and the opening intro.

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