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Super Dodge Ball Set for WiiWare

Classic NES title being updated for modern gamers.


Miracle Kidz shared screens and details today for Downtown Nekketsu Dodgeball, a WiiWare title that takes after Famicom title Nekketsu Koko Dodgeball Bu, which was released outside of Japan as Super Dodge Ball.

Downtown Nekketsu Dodgeball is meant to be an arrangement of that NES classic, with gameplay systems, AI and other areas updated for modern times.

As with the original, the goal is to smack opponents with the ball so hard that they fly off to heaven as angels. You make use of the d-pad and two buttons for all your actions.

You're able to control your own team in matches, or you can make use of an AI customization system where your team is automatically controlled, turning the game into a simulation.

Modes of play include tournament and match. Tournament puts one player (directly controlled or through AI) against the CPU. Match can be played 1P versus CPU or 1P VS 2P.

Have a look at Downtown Nekketsu Dodgeball below. The game hits WiiWare in May.

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