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Final Fantasy Type-0 Battle System Detailed

Square Enix at long last begins to push the long awaited second entry in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series.

Ace and Queen, two playable characters in Type-0.

We got a few high level battle system details for Final Fantasy Type-0 a couple of months back. Finally, we have something more specific, courtesy of Dengeki PlayStation (and Sokuho @ Houkanko, our source for Dengeki info).

Type-0's battle system has players form parties of three and make use of weapons, magic and abilities. The key to the battle system lies in switching off between the three characters in your party.

The system's face buttons (circle, triangle, square and x) correspond to abilities. When you make use of these abilities, you build up a gauge called your "Ability Gauge."

This part is a bit unclear in the summary we've seen of the Dengeki article, but it seems that you can press circle and triangle to unleash some sort of attack, possibly depleting the Ability Gauge. We're going to have to wait for confirmation on this area.

You'll encounter a variety of enemy types. Some will flee. Some will surrender, and by conversing with them you can get information. You'll also encounter a lead enemy. Kill this guy, and the battle ends.

The magazine introduces the battle styles for three characters: Ace, Nine and Queen.

Ace makes use of cards. Depending on the card type, you'll get different effects. In addition to attacker cards, some cards are for support and can heal and initiate status changes. Example attacks mentioned in the magazine include "Fire ST," a magic that sends out a high speed fire ball at the enemy, and "Deck Open," where Ace pulls out four cards.

Nine uses a long lance. He can swing it around to take out enemies, and also perform a special jumping attack which damages the areas surrounding its strike point. He can also do combo attacks, finishing up with a slash that sends the enemy flying. His standard attack appears to be "Holy Lance."

Queen uses a sword. She makes use of close range attacks -- the closest range of the three characters introduced here. Her standard attack is Mythryl Saber. She has a special attack called "Cross," where she holds up the sword to the sky and releases light out in the shape of a cross. This damages the enemies and heals ally characters.

The magazine also introduces an additional support magic spell: Wall. Casting this will erect a magic wall which protects you from enemy attack, although if it incurs a certain amount of damage, it will disappear.

Outside of the gameplay details, the magazine provides a few additional story details, mostly centered on characters. We heard most of the details earlier in the week through Jump.

The characters in Type-0 are students in Class Zero of Suzaku, the Peristylium, or magic school, in the nation of Rubrum. Neighboring nations of Milites, Anaze or Kogai also have their own Peristyliums. The four nations have a fragile military balance that is broken when Milites invades Rubrum, sending all four into war.

Joining students Nine, Queen and Ace, the magazine introduces Kurasame, the teacher of Class Zero. In his prime, he was a skilled warrior himself, and was known as something along the lines of "death god of the ice blade." He apparently has a Tonberry (a classic Final Fantasy series monster) in his company, although it's unclear what this is for.

Famitsu is also going to be delivering a Type-0 report in its upcoming issue, which hits news stands on Thursday. With all this magazine coverage, it looks like Square Enix is finally ready to begin the hype machine for the next entry in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series.

To refresh yourself on what we've heard so far, be sure and view our Final Fantasy Type-0 content archive.

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