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More Examples of Gal Gun's Camera Patch

No more aiming up for you!


Back on the 18th, Alchemist released a patch that fixed some glaring bugs in Gal Gun. In case you missed our previous report, here's a close look at what the patch does.

To the left, BP (before patch). To the right, AP (after patch).

The basic gist is that you can no longer aim the camera up from low angles. The last time we were briefed (ho ho!) about this patch, Alchemist illustrated the matter with these before and after images:

The patch also remedies this situation:

Apparently, in the "Searching For Books with Kaname" event, the white board in your hand currently appears transparent (shown in the left shot). The patch fixes this (shown in the right shot).

There's some other stuff in the patch too, but I don't care enough to write about it.

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