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First Devil Survivor 2 Details

Meet the main cast and get some preliminary gameplay details for the DS sequel.

All screenshots on this page are from the original Devil Survivor.

Early details on Devil Survivor 2 have surfaced from this week's Famitsu.

As mentioned here earlier, Devil Survivor 2 is being developed for the DS. It's not to be confused with 3DS title Devil Survivor Overclocked, which is a remake of the first Devil Survivor.

Mysterious invaders known as the "Septentrion" suddenly attack Japan one Sunday. They make their attacks once a day from then on. It's up to a band of 13 demon summoners to deal with the attackers within seven days.

Characters introduced in the magazine include:

Main Character
A third year student at a school in Tokyo. He gets caught up in all the happenings while on his way home from a test, and learns of his ability to summon demons.
A student in the same grade as the main character. He's a gifted student who's admired by others.
The main character's friend from childhood, and also a fellow student in the same grade. She's cheerful, bt doesn't think too deeply about things.

Gameplay will combine simulation with command battle elements. You'll be able to obtain new demons through demon auctions. One new system is the "Enishi System", which has something to do with your ties with your friends.

Staff includes Kenji Ito on sound. Like the original, the main character designs are from Durarara's Suzuhito Yasuda. Mohiro Kitou is doing the designs for the Septentrion invaders.

Devil Survivor 2 is due for DS release through Atlus this summer.

From the original Devil Survivor.
From the original Devil Survivor.

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